10 Easy Tips for Allergy Relief, Part 2

Apr 12, 2022

Last week we went over tips 1 through 5 of my 10 Easy Tips for Allergy Relief: 

  1. Wear a mask when outdoors.
  2. Don’t touch your face, especially when outdoors, in the garden, and definitely if you live with pets. 
  3. Use HEPA air Filters in your bedroom, living areas and work area. 
  4. Use a Neti pot twice a day. 
  5. Keep well-hydrated.

(Review Part 1 here.)

Now here’s 6 to 10!

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Last week we talked about decreasing inflammation, as one of our strategies for managing allergies. Sleep is when your body repairs itself, which is in part why getting enough sleep decreases inflammation in your body. Want to suffer less from allergies? Sleep.

    A note on sleep: Getting plenty of sleep is one of the most impactful ways to influence your overall health and wellbeing, yet most adults skimp on sleep. If you were to spend time looking at studies about the side effects of not getting enough, you might actually be “scared straight” into getting more sleep. Or not, since the pull to do more with your day, and the number of enticing distractions available to us with great ease means that most of us are sleep deprived. Which doesn’t mean that you feel sleepy, per se, but that your mind and more importantly in the case of allergies, your body  are not functioning optimally. 

  2. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods; minimize inflammatory foods. Again, in the vein that decreasing inflammation overall decreases allergy symptoms, what you choose to eat can help or hinder this process. You can easily google lists of anti-inflammatory foods and aim for more of those. What is really key when dealing with allergies is minimizing inflammatory products  i.e. all sugar products and alcohol, and any food that your body doesn’t do well with. The top five foods that your body may be sensitive to are: gluten, dairy, corn, soy and eggs. How to know? Eliminate 100% of a suspected food for at least 3 weeks and chart your symptoms. 

  3. Do self-Acupressure on Large Intestine 20 and Large Intestine 4. These points are time-proven to decrease allergy symptoms and are easy to do self-acupressure on. Watch this short video to learn how.

  4. Use Sinus Rejuvenation Oil. I have long suggested patients use essential oil of eucalyptus to help with allergy symptoms. Since discovering Sinus Rejuvenation Oil, a highly effective blend of essential oils from Baraka Company, this is my go-to product for anyone with allergies or other sinus challenges. Easy to use and very effective. Available from Energy Matters for pick up or mail order. 

  5. Get regular acupuncture. Acupuncture can be hugely beneficial in helping to manage allergies, and the “side effects” of acupuncture treatments include increased calm, better immunity and more. Your practitioner may also prescribe herbs and/or supplements, depending on your situation. Combining acupuncture with the self care tips can be game-changing. You may find yourself welcoming Spring with open arms!

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