10 Tips for Better Digestion, Part 2

Aug 09, 2022

We’re back for Part 2 of 10 Tips for Better Digestion. Get caught up if you missed Part 1.

Starting with the 5 tips from last week's post:

  1. Relax.
  2. Sit down.
  3. Don’t eat while wearing tight clothes.
  4. Sit up straight.
  5. Just eat.

    Onward for more tips on the Art of Eating. 
  6. Look at your food. Digestion actually starts with the act of “receiving” the food visually. Your body begins to prepare itself for the project of assimilating the soon-to-be ingested food. And, pausing to look at your food before eating is a great moment to bless your food, and give gratitude to all who were involved in growing, transporting, and prepping the food for you to eat. Look and be thankful.
  7. Chew your food. “Of course, I chew my food.” But how well do you chew your food? A few quick chomps and then down the hatch? That’s not enough. Towards the end of the 1800s, Horace Fletcher advised chewing your food until it was completely liquid, then swallowing - a practice that became known as "Fletcherizing." That is a bit excessive, but Fletcher understood that the biochemistry of digestion starts in the mouth. Chewing well physically breaks the food down into smaller particles, making it easier for your stomach to do its’ job. And chewing releases saliva that aids in the process of digestion. More chewing creates more saliva.
  8. Move. Your body is designed to move, and movement is good for better digestion. Taking a post-prandial walk is good for blood sugar regulation as well as bowel regularity. Movement is also good for reducing stress, which inhibits good digestion.
  9. Poop when you get the urge. It’s easy to ignore the urge, but this can lead to constipation. Your body knows what it needs to do and when. When you feel the need, head to the bathroom. Now.
  10. Stress less. Your body is designed to ignore the needs of your digestive system when you are running away from a saber tooth tiger. If you are chronically stressed, your digestive system is not working optimally. Prioritizing the art of stressing less is an important part of creating better digestion.

These digestive wellness tips are useful for everyone.

If you are navigating chronic digestive problems, you’ll also benefit from working with our in-house digestive wellness expert Angela Coon, L.Ac. Contact Energy Matters at 510-597-9923 to schedule. 

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