21 Days to Better Health Program - Testimonials

Sep 01, 2021

Feeling great! As of yesterday, I lost 13lbs and 2" from my hips, 3" from my waist/belly and 1.5" from my bust. Have not had any problems and never felt hungry. Occasional cravings have been for peanut butter, eggs and toast. 

Looking forward to next week as I get ready to continue on! Thanks for everything!

E.C. April 2018


(From a participant at the end of his second cleanse)

Our post cleanse routine had remained very close to our 'final days' so this time around was a breeze.  

I've been so impressed with impact and change that can come from a mere 21 days of focus, education and discipline. I consider myself a convert and your biggest fan. (And that was definitely NOT a true statement back on my first day 3 <grin> ).

Can't thank you enough. 

K.W. June, 2017



Thanks for checking in! I'm doing fantastically well and I'm glad that I took the plunge and did the cleanse.  I'm feeling better not so heavy laden and I have more energy.  



‚ÄčI finished the cleanse last week.  Down 10lbs. with an amazing amount of new energy.  I'm feeling great and will probably cleanse again in the summer or early fall.  Thanks for all of the emails and the support! 



‚ÄčThank you for your support during the diet. We did well, losing weight and skin aglow, and enjoying our new recipes. Our meal tonight was mashed rutabaga and braised leeks (both Energy Matters recipes) with lentils (mujadara) and green beans. A colorful and healthy combo. A few more days to go. We are discussing what we want to make permanent part of our lives. 



Hi Kirstin,

Thank you so much for being such an inspiring person to learn from - I have truly had a revelation about how much I was NOT getting from my food through the 21-day program, and I think that I'm actually tasting food in a different way. 

So now here I am at day 30 still enjoying the new direction my eating habits have taken. I lost 8 pounds (!) and 4 inches in 21 days without once feeling hungry or deprived. And I have no other way to say this, other than, I feel like a layer of fog that I wasn't aware of, has been cleared away from my brain! Certainly, I have derived benefits far greater than I ever anticipated. 


Thanks for all the guidance. I definitely feel great.  I also like the idea of eating this way 80% of the time. 




I had been wanting to do "the cleanse" for months but events and friends' visits and trips kept delaying things.  My goal was to give my digestive tract and related organs a respite (though I eat sensibly for the most part, I have a lot of bad habits), and the idea of losing a few pounds would be a welcome side effect.  I've always enjoyed challenges like the 21 Day Cleanse, and stopping everything (well, almost everything) at once was easier for me than going at my bad habits piecemeal. The most difficult night was at one of my Friday poker games (day 15); I hadn't brought enough celery and carrots and fruit, and everybody was sucking down beers and eating junk. But I passed the test. I lost about 12 pounds - most of it during the first half of the cleanse. The fruit smoothies were a real high, and that continues to be my breakfast many mornings. I have changed the way I eat: many more vegetables and ones I'd never really tried much, more fruit, and always brown rice, at least when I'm home. I plan to do it every year. Fantastic! 



Ok, so let’s get the numbers out of the way:  21 days, 12 pounds, 2 inches. 

I was not grossly overweight at the beginning of the cleanse, but definitely had some weight to lose and some love handles that could stand to be shaved off.  12 pounds may not sound like a lot, but it had a huge impact on my physique and my psyche. Both changes did not go unnoticed by my circle of friends. 

I have to admit that the cleanse seemed a bit intimidating on the face of it as we started. 21 days to forego all those habits of eating and consuming that we’ve become accustomed to is not taken lightly. Fortunately, my wife agreed to go through it with me, but even if she hadn’t, Kirstin created a nice community of fellow cleansers – establishing a Google group where we could post questions and share experiences and recipes. We took on the challenge of the first 10 days - all veggie diet - with gusto, pulling out the Indian cookbooks and improvising in the kitchen and it was really rewarding. Those first 10 days helped reacquaint my palette with the true richness of flavors of real whole foods. The freshness of vegetables and the aliveness of home prepared foods was refreshing and invigorating. But for me the introduction of protein on the second half of the cleanse was what has proved really earth shaking for me. Coming to understand what a proper portion/serving of meat is was invaluable. The typical American diet, even the “atypical” American carnivorous diet, is way out of whack with what our bodies need.  Whether it’s at a restaurant or at home, for me a typical portion of chicken or steak was 3-4 times what a real individual serving should be. That’s just what we’ve become accustomed to here and to have my brain re-oriented as to what my body really needs was invaluable. And doing it for the 3 weeks of the cleanse really imprinted it on my brain and my body and I’ve been able to take that with me, even now, weeks after finishing the cleanse.


The supplement shakes were tasty enough, once we found a recipe that we liked. Again Kirstin’s group of fellow cleansers helped to keep them interesting.  The pills were great.


The best result has been the long term effect of the cleanse. Unlike “diets”, this one has stuck.  Because it helped me restructure HOW I eat, I’ve managed to shed an additional 4 pounds since being off the cleanse. I have no intention of going back, even though I’m now faced with the typical Holiday feasts, I know that I can even enjoy them for a day or so, then retreat to my new healthier way of eating. And we plan on making the cleanse a regular part of our lives, doing it at least once if not twice a year. 



My husband and I are doing GREAT! I am so happy he decided to join me on this cleanse! He's never done anything like this before and I see some really great changes in how he thinks about food and his health. His face seems brighter and he's more engaged with what is going on in the kitchen (and more appreciative of the time and effort I expend in there!). He has become the "shakemaster" and makes our shakes every morning.

Both of our energy has been good, and he has especially been proud of not needing any caffeine to get going. The warm lemon water with cayenne pepper in the morning is a habit we both want to keep! There is a lot I'm doing on this cleanse that I want to continue doing...which I know is the idea. I've been cooking a lot of healthy, yummy vegetables and packing all of our food for the day in glass containers to take. My husband loves this and says it saves him about $13 a day (for lunch and coffee out). It does take a lot of time to plan, prep and prepare all the food (especially towards the end of the week, as work gets more hectic for me), but it's totally worth it, and as I do more of it, I do get faster. Thanks for all the great recipes! I love the Disappearing Carrot Salad!! And the sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon! We call it "cake" in "is it time for cake?" Super yummy. 

Thanks for all the support and organization you're helps a lot!



I just finished the 21 Days to Better Health cleanse and I feel fantastic. I used to be the person who said "I can't do a cleanse, my job is too physical" because I couldn't imagine 5 am mornings without espresso or days without meat and dairy.

I was wrong. I will say the changes in my skin and energy level are the most wonderful results - and that is saying something since I dropped 13 lbs, two and half inches from my waist and an inch from each thigh! I learned a host of great new recipes for vegetables and even managed to pass off rutabagas as mashed potatoes to my family, a personal victory, ha!


Thank you for getting me healthier and more energy! 

10 pounds lighter, 4" off stomach and 3" off hip. 



I love the program and felt very "high" and ecstatic during week 2. At the start of the program, I wouldn't have believed that it would feel easy to adhere to, but it really did after the first week. My ability to focus is better, my energy is a lot better, the frequent bouts of itching have stopped, and my sleep is most definitely better. My two favorite smoothies are the spinach/ginger/lemon/apple and banana/raspberry. I love how I feel when I drink them. I sincerely appreciate your support during the program, and that you offer it to us lucky clients. R.R. 


I just wanted to say this is one of the best things I have done in a long time... both for myself and my family! I am back to loving to cook to nurture rather than a to-do! And my body/mind/soul is feeling better than I did in a long time! 



I'm on Day 8--yay! I really love this cleanse so much. The recipes are so delicious, and I feel really empowered--like I'm learning how to take care of myself and my body. And learning to cook! The cleanse has all these ripple effects too, motivating me to do more yoga, meditation, acupuncture. Tonight my mom and I are treating ourselves to massages. 



I did it!!!  I have completed my 21 days!  I lost a total of 11.6 pounds and 2.5 inches on my waist.  I feel great! 



Yeah I bet you hear this all the time, but the cleanse was really effective on so many levels. I didn't have dramatic changes in temperament / well-being but I think if I had done a simple elimination diet of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods on my own I would have been super stressed out (and unsuccessful). With this framework, every choice I made, or recipe I learned, was a building block for a balanced and sustainable relationship with food. I never experienced cravings, physical deprivations, or grief at being separated from my bad habits. It may have been exactly the right time for me to try this.


So I'll continue with the food palette from 21-day (and extra Gastro-Fiber and powders) and see how far I can go. The reasonableness of this program is its chief virtue: the 80-20 rule and 50/25/25 plate compositions are easy to identify and maintain. The food is fresh and the recipes are delicious.


Thanks for connecting me to this program. I'll definitely be back for the Fall session!



I am LOVING the cleanse.  I feel great... there were a few days when I was a bit lethargic and low energy, but recently, I have a lot of energy.  We just got back from a 4 mile hike in the redwoods. 

Also, what you predicted is true.  I have really been enjoying getting creative with the veggies and trying a variety of veggies that I don't normally eat (turnips, sweet potatoes).  

There were a few times that I wished I could have had a glass of wine with dinner, but other than that, I have been really satisfied.  I've lost 5 pounds so far and THREE INCHES around my waist!  

I've never been on a "diet" where I am not counting the days to the end.  

Today is my last day of the Cleanse and I feel FANTASTIC! 



Hello Kirstin and Angela,

Just a note to say thank you so much for this great program. I went all 21 days - and of course, I'm sure you've heard this before - it has changed my life. Thank you for introducing me to this and for the support throughout the 21 days.

This was a huge lifestyle change for me - I didn't eat out in a restaurant for 21 days! I really have enjoyed preparing fresh, local, organic, healthy, nutritious foods at home every day. I normally would have eaten more than half of my meals each week in a restaurant. Now that seems so bizarre to me!  I still haven't been in a restaurant this week and I don't really have any plans to, unless it's for a treat or a special occasion. Fortunately, we have many great organic, fresh, local restaurants in the Bay Area.

I can see how this is a much more wonderful and healthy way to eat. (I actually lost 10 pounds - mostly fat around my tummy.) And since I've been eating 'regular' foods again I've learned that sugar gives me a splitting headache, makes me anxious, and gives me gas. And it really doesn't taste all that great anymore - not after 3 weeks of having fresh, alive, organic, deeeelishous[sp] fruits and veggies all the time. (I am getting a bit bored with lentils though :o).

So, thank you so much for your support and introducing me to this program - I love it. I plan to do this specific cleanse again in May - with my partner this time!

E.L. March, 2013


“I love this “new” eating… I’ve been soooo happy with Brussels sprouts, chard, sweet potatoes, yams, and especially different types of mushrooms!! The good news is that my glucose level dropped from 103 to 83.”



Wow!  Was I ever surprised when I stepped on the scale and discovered that I had lost 13 pounds in 21 days.   The joint pain in my toes was gone and my waist measurement was 4 inches smaller. The comfort and support of the program leader and other participants provided momentum from one day to the next.  



Kirstin & Angela,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have inspired & taught me to eat healthier and in a new way.  The gifts of my life and good fortune just keep coming from Energy Matters: first it was acupuncture, then cupping, then saving my voice and avoiding surgery, then qigong classes and now Standard Process 21 day cleanse and finally a new and better way to eat.

I'm so happy that fate brought you into my life!!  Keep up the amazing work as you have been an amazing gift to me.

JLS May, 2013

Today is a great day. Before I started the detoxification process, I didn't really think about what I was putting into this body of mine. Since the cleanse I have lost 15 pounds, and not sure about the inches. It takes about 21 days to make something a habit, so this morning just like every morning for the past 21 days, i made my smoothie, chicken breast and salad for lunch (and of course i took my herbs). I am really excited about the 80/ 20 way of eating.

D.W. Oct, 2011


I did it!!! I have completed my 21 days! I lost a total of 11.6 pounds and 2.5 inches on my waist. I feel great! 



OMG- the bone soup is changing my life. AMAZING!!!!! I am forever hooked. Thanks for everything!!! I'm feeling great!



I’m a diabetic and my blood sugars had been getting too high after a bout with cancer and radiation. In those 21 days my blood sugars dramatically reduced and I got my energy back. Thanks to the program, in the last few months I’ve lost 6″ in the waist and 25 lbs.


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