Why I have studied, practiced, and taught Qigong for 25 years

Sep 14, 2023
Qigong 9-Week Series Starts Week of 10/9

As a new session of Wlid goose Qigong classes nears, I am thinking about the "why" behind studying qigong. 

When I ask myself why I study qigong (and yes, we teachers are always and forever students of the form), my first answers include things like "because I feel calmer and more grounded" and "my flexibility and balance have increased over time."

But as I sit with the question longer, I find deeper layers.

Initially, I enjoyed the excitement and challenge of learning something new. There are many aspects to Wild Goose Qigong: warm-ups, meditation, and the form.

And I was impressed by the positive health changes I experienced in a relatively short period of time. 

And then I began to realize that what I was really learning about, on a deeper level, was energy - qi. Both the universal healing energies that we gather during qigong, and my own qi. I was deepening my understanding of and relationship to my energy system. 

This leads me to a deeper understanding of myself and my true nature as both an energetic and physical being .

And this leads me to a deeper connectivity with all beings on this planet, and with the entire energy universe. 

Form - Self - All - Form - Self - All

Study qigong to get more flexible, yes! 
And study to better know yourself, and the world. 


Questions? Thoughts?

Let me know.

Kirstin Lindquist
Owner, Qigong Manager

PS Here are some recent comments from students...

I learned:
“Too much to list. A continuous process discovering what’s inside.”

What I tell my friends and family:
“Fantastic, joyful, super positive health benefits - mind/body/soul.”

Benefits or changes I noticed:
“My life is aligning in many ways along with aligning my Qi.”

“(I) am so fortunate to have great teachers who follow a lineage of (Qigong) and a great community of friends that practice (Qigong).”

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