The 6 Week Stress Less Challenge

May 31, 2022

The 6 Week Stress Less Challenge
The proven path to stressing less, staying calm, and building rock-solid resiliency
(even if you feel stretched like a rubber band).
Starts on June 6th

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Life often seems like an endless and unrelenting series of stressful challenges. The past several years in particular have been unprecedented in the levels of stress that we have had to navigate. If you are feeling stretched thin, tapped out, anxious, and chronically stressed, you are hardly alone.

Stress is hard on your body, hard on your mind, hard on your psyche. When you are stressed, your body cannot repair and heal. To create better health - body, mind, and spirit - at any level deeper than a bandaid, you need to figure out how to stress less.

This is why I've created The 6 Week Stress Less Challenge. To help you learn to de-stress so you can enjoy life more fully.

In this course, you will learn ways to:

Stay calm in the face of chaos and uncertainty.

Give and care deeply without taxing yourself.

Prevent fatigue and overwhelm.

Overcome the feeling that there is never enough time.

And much more!

The Challenge is designed around the principles of simplicity, and of “less is more.”
The course is delivered via short, evocative emails sent Monday through Friday for six weeks. Each email takes 2-3 minutes to read through. You’ll then be asked to spend a few more minutes throughout the day reflecting on or practicing what was offered. To benefit, you need just 10 minutes a day.

Why 10 minutes? Because you do have 10 minutes a day to spare, even when you feel like you don’t. And, 10 minutes is more than enough time to make deep shifts. Never underestimate the power of small acts done repeatedly over time.

Is this course for you?

If you are always an oasis of calm in the midst of whatever storm life throws at you, then you don't need it. (But please forward this email to any friends or family you think might benefit.)

But if you struggle with feeling overwhelmed and stressed out much of the time, this course is for you.

Being human is challenging, no doubt about it. But you don’t have to suffer. You can learn to stress less.

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The next 6 Week Stress Less Challenge starts June 6th

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Kirstin Lindquist

PS Here are what people are saying about the Stress Less Challenge…

“I look forward to each day’s letter. Liking the simplicity of the task yet the explanations show how valuable they are.”

“Your gentle daily guidance has been so uplifting, nurturing, and calming. Simple repeatable tools and gentle reminders are great tools to bring shifts in habits and energy.”

“I continue to enjoy your emails -- nice, short nuggets of positivity.

I like having you in my camp, and also that I'm part of a larger group who all read the same messages.”

“Fun and energizing and giving me hope.”

“I am so glad I signed up for this class and am already finding it useful.”

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