Allergy Relief with Essential Oils

Mar 14, 2023
allergy relief bottle of eucalyptus essential oil, woman pouring oil in her hands, woman with child smelling oil, and steam from a shower

Spring is springing, and this year we’re on track for a ‘super bloom’ thanks to all the rain we had this winter - and continue to have. We love flowers, but we don’t like allergies! If you find your seasonal allergies seem to be getting worse, it’s not just you. One impact of climate change over the past twenty years has been to increase the length and the intensity of allergy season as plants are producing more pollen for longer periods of time. (source)

A couple of weeks ago, Kirstin Lindquist wrote about allergy strategies. This week I’m following up with some easy and pleasurable aromatherapy that can help ease symptoms and discomfort.

Essential oils are naturals for respiratory support. As we breathe in scent, volatile organic compounds produced by the plants travel through our nose and lungs, with instant impact on our cells, immune system, and brain chemistry. Here are a few ways to try essential oils if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies.

My favorite oils for congestion, headaches, itching and other seasonal allergy symptoms are nose-openers like eucalyptus radiata or ravensara, conifers like pine, fir, or spruce, and anti-inflammatory oils like frankincense or sandalwood. Oils can be used individually or in combination, and you can purchase pre-made blends intended for use with allergies from many major suppliers that will include these and other oils.

Shower Steam: This is an easy way to get the benefit of essential oils into your daily routine. Drip a few drops of your chosen oil or two onto the wall or floor of your shower and step into fragrant clouds of steam. Eucalyptus is great used this way - have a shower before bed to wash off pollen and other allergens and relieve some of your symptoms for a better night's sleep. 

Chest Rub: Dilute a few drops of essential oil into a tablespoon of carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut, and rub on your upper chest, or use a pre-diluted blend in a roller bottle. You’ll benefit from stimulating the acupuncture points just below your collarbone, as well as breathing in the healing vapors. Try soothing oils like frankincense and sandalwood with a longer-lasting scent that’s not overpoweringly medicinal. 

Direct Inhalation: AKA taking a sniff! When you’re on the go and get ambushed by a runny nose and watery eyes, open a bottle of essential oil and inhale deeply. Eucalyptus radiata, pine, or peppermint can all help calm down symptoms and irritation. The effect won’t last long, but it will be immediate.

Always use common sense with essential oils. Don’t put them on your skin without diluting them, don’t ingest them, and make sure the oils you choose are safe for the children and pets in your home. For allergies, don’t use oils that you’re allergic to, and test them out in a well-ventilated area to see how you react, especially if you have a sensitive respiratory system or asthma. Energy Matters practitioners can help you with customized treatment, including essential oils, to dramatically reduce allergy symptoms. Here’s to enjoying the super bloom! 

Breathe your way to fewer sneezes,
Kirsten Cowan
Clinic Manager

PS If you’d like to learn more about essential oils for respiratory support, check out my video-on-demand class.

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