Energy Matters Has Added a New Practitioner - psst, and she has Saturday hours!

Mar 30, 2023
Welcome aboard Amanda Rosenberg, L.Ac.

We are thrilled to announce that Amanda Rosenberg, a Licensed Acupuncturist, will be joining our acupuncture team starting on April 1st! Amanda, a Sacramento native, pursued her studies in Chinese Medicine at AIMC in Berkeley and has been practicing for over a decade.

With her passion for healing and transformation, Amanda is excited to share her expertise with the Energy Matters community. As a Primary Care practitioner, she can assist with a variety of health issues, including elder care, mental/emotional issues, allergies/asthma/respiratory issues, chronic pain, and more.

MORE GOOD NEWS FOR PATIENTS! Amanda will be working on both Saturdays and Thursdays. This is particularly noteworthy, as previously only those seeking services from our orthopedic specialist, Kari Napoli, could book appointments on Saturdays.

Please join us in extending a warm Energy Matters welcome to Amanda!

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