Sep 13, 2023
Breathe in inspiration

Daily life as an adult is a lot about “chores”: day to day tasks at work, at home, for our families, errands, appointments etc. That’s normal, and routines and repetitive tasks provide structure and predictability, which is good for our nervous systems. But we also need Inspiration. Going for very long without Inspiration makes life feel pretty much like drudgery. 

Inspiration makes us feel alive, gets our creative juices flowing, leads to wonderful stuff. What inspires you? Nature, art, music, people, food? What do you do when you feel inspired? Create, solve problems, connect with loved ones, connect with your true nature, lead others, imagine a better world? How do you find inspiration? Or, rather, how do you allow inspiration to find you? Exercise, meditate, ponder, read, listen, wonder…?

I was thinking about the state of being Inspired, and the state of being uninspired, and how it is that we can find our way back to Inspiration - and suddenly it struck me: inspiration also means to inhale, to breathe. The most essential aspect of being alive: our breath. That miracle that signals the start of our life journey. 

Breath in, breath out - the most foundational aspect of any mindfulness practice. So it seems that inspiration is a pathway to Inspiration. 

When you feel Inspired, keep breathing. When you feel uninspired, keep breathing. Let inspiration bring you back to your center, your source, knowing that Inspiration will find your again, and again. 

Breath is Inspiration,
Kirstin Lindquist
Owner, Licensed Acupuncturist

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