Just wash the dishes

Jun 25, 2022

"Have you tried just washing the dishes?" These were the words of my college friend John at a time when I was paralyzed with overwhelm and anxiety. These words turned out to be life changing advice.

Life can be full to the point of brimming over. And when we find ourselves encircled by deadlines, requests, requirements and demands, anxiety can feel like a room that's getting smaller and smaller, pressing us down into a state of inaction. Whether or not over commitment is the issue, try not to look at your task list in these moments in an attempt to figure out where to start. This is usually the recipe for more panic. Take a step back and take on something you know you can do and you know you can complete - like washing the dishes, or throwing out that junk mail, or walking the dog, etc. Choose something simple, start it, finish it, and ease your way towards the task list at hand.

Allowing yourself to experience a sense of completion and just a tiny sense of accomplishment can be like hitting a reset button. It can ease the body and the spirit towards action and create a quiet space in which you can center yourself again. And if it helps you, then share this kind suggestion of simplicity with another in need. The recipient of the advice may just think of you from time to time for the next 17 years or so.

In Good Health,
Kari Napoli, L.Ac.

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