Micro Declutter for Better Health

Aug 15, 2023
Chaos vs Order

An important truth about clutter:

You get to decide what is clutter and what is comfort. It doesn't matter what other folks think. 

Another important truth about clutter:

Your qi (vitality energy) is imbued in your stuff. 

Comfort with your stuff creates good qi flow. Discomfort constricts qi flow. Good qi flow is essential to good health. This is why clutter - as you define it - can negatively impact your health, and decluttering can have a profound positive effect on your health. 

If you find yourself in a state of undesired disorganization and clutter - whether temporary or ongoing  - the first step toward changing the energetics of your situation and your health is to clear one small area

This could be your kitchen table, the coffee table, or your bathroom countertop. It doesn’t really matter where. The point is to choose one small area that you can easily reclaim right now (and yes, it’s OK if you simply stack the stuff somewhere else for now). 

Remove the clutter items, leaving the items you want/need on that surface. Then arrange the items in that area in a way that pleases you. Done! You have taken a small but powerful action in modulating your qi flows.

Moving forward, “defend” this small area from renewed clutter each day. This is a key element to the success of micro decluttering. 

Now, every time you pass by the reclaimed area, you will feel a sense of flow and ease. This may permeate outward into other areas of your home. Or not. Sometimes having one artfully attended area is enough to create change. 

Never underestimate the power of small and simple energetic shifts. Energy really does matter.

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