Sep 13, 2022

Your skin is an amazing organ. It keeps all your innards in, is second only to your liver in its role of detoxification, and is a living, semipermeable barrier. 

Key word: semipermeable. While your skin does a great job of keeping a lot of stuff out of your body, much of what you apply to your skin does get absorbed into your body, making its way to your bloodstream and internal organs. 

This is why taking the time to evaluate the various personal care products you use in light of potential toxins is a great health care practice. 

Start with one of the most hazardous categories: antiperspirants and deodorants. While the jury is still out on how aluminum and other ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants affect your health, it’s common sense to avoid potentially toxic substances when possible. 

Unfortunately, there are no natural substances that will completely stop you from sweating. This is actually a good thing, as sweating is a part of how your body detoxifies.

But there are very effective natural deodorants that inhibit the growth of smelly bacteria in your pits without using any harmful ingredients. And your delicate armpit skin will be happier and healthier. 

So how to find a safer product? Before you get overwhelmed - not to worry, The Environmental Working Group has your back. They have evaluated and rated over 90,000 personal care products for safety. Wow!

EWG has a great searchable database on its website and you can also download their Healthy Living app which works well when you're on the go. Type in the antiperspirant/deodorant you are currently using. If the results are alarming, search for safer options and make the switch. 

Because bodies are so different, you may need to try a few non-toxic brands to hit on the one that does the job for you. 

And, bodies change over time, so if your tried and true eventually fails you (as mine did recently - which inspired me to write this article), go back to the database and find a new option. 

And to help you out, Energy Matters staff has chimed in on what works for them. You can use this as a shortlist to get started:

Primal Life Organics
Primal Pit Paste
Earth Science Tea Tree and Lavender
Crystal Deodorant

What goes on, mostly goes in….be kind to your body!

PS On a related but different note, check out our upcoming seminar Breathe Easy: Essential Oils for Relief from Allergies, Wildfire Smoke, Colds, and more. Natural, non-toxic healing!

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