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RVV, Oct. 2020

Oct 31, 2020
Illustration of a man and woman in front of a phone adding stars. Title Thanks for the LOVE for Inner Peace Outer Peace

It is a class for anyone who seeks to begin a practice of meditation, understand and learn how to practice, and how to deepen and strengthen practice. This class is for anyone who desires deeper self-awareness, a practice that can help with staying present every day or at least in moments when we allow ourselves to be in the moment.  I learned the difference between mindfulness and meditation, that there are many ways to practice and that mindfulness can be done anywhere/anytime.  I noticed feeling more at peace, less anxiety, more trusting my spirit, and deepening my heart practice.  I appreciated the mixture of guided meditation and practical information as well as having guidance through videos & articles & opportunities to practice outside of the weekly meeting.

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