Small Acts Do Make A Difference

Feb 06, 2024
Woman in silent contemplation with energy radiating out.

Many years ago I read a book by Larry Dosey called Prayer is Good Medicine, and my life has been forever changed. 

In this book, he examined various studies that are designed to see if prayer has an impact on medical outcomes. The short story is that yes, it does. 

The study I remember the most is one where a group of participants agreed to pray for people they did not know who were having surgery at a particular hospital. Those doing the praying were not present for the surgery; they did the praying from elsewhere. Those being prayed for did not know that they were. 

The prayed-for group had notably - and statistically relevant - better outcomes than the control group.

At that time, I didn’t know a lot about prayer, other than rote recitations I had done in church as a child. I learned that the essence of prayer is to communicate love. To set the intention of holding another in an energy field of love. 

Ah - this made sense to me, as that was what I did instinctively as a health care provider: hold my patients in a morphic field of healing potential, which is love. 

So it turns out I had been “praying” for my patients all along, I just didn’t call it that. 

And you don’t need to know that person - not even their name - to potentially have a beneficial impact on them. 

When I am faced with feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of suffering in the world, I return my attention to what I learned from this book: small acts make a difference. Including my thoughts. Not just theoretically, but actually make a difference. 

We are all interconnected in ways we cannot yet explain or fully understand (a mere dip into the science of quantum physics will open your eyes to this reality). 

So your “job” is to “broadcast” as much healing intention as you can into the world. Because you have no idea whose life you might influence by sending a message of love.

And in so doing, you are also bathed in that energetic field. And are changed for the positive. 

It’s not just wishful thinking. 
Kirstin Lindquist

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