Spring Cleanse for your Skin Care

Apr 04, 2023
Spring skincare refresh - different folx washing their face, putting on creams and using face rollers.

We’ve welcomed the Spring Equinox and are looking forward to flower-filled days thanks to our rainy winter. As the days warm and lengthen with the changing season, consider refreshing your skin care routines. This is a great idea for a few reasons.

  1. Skin becomes habituated to the ingredients in products which makes the products less effective, so mixing up what you’re using on a regular basis will help you get the most from your skin care routine.

  2. And as the weather changes, your skin’s needs change too.

Here are a few of my favorite products and ingredients to consider adding to your face and body care for Spring in the Bay Area.

Washing your face can be as simple as a splash of water, but ready-made cleansers offer ease of use and targeted ingredients for different skin types and concerns. Like other skin care, it’s good to change or alternate your products to keep seeing good results. In springtime, if your face is feeling dull and tired after the dark and damp of winter, long days indoors, or mask and makeup wearing, cleansing provides gentle exfoliation to encourage your skin to renew itself and increase your glow.

  • If you have normal, dry, or combination skin, try Yina’s BioAdaptive Cleanser, containing herbal medicine ingredients such as reishi mushrooms, mother of pearl powder, and citrus peel extract. It’s a luxurious, delicately scented, no-foam cream, designed to clean, brighten and renew your skin without leaving it dry or tight.

  • If you tend to breakouts and oilier skinJade & Burdock Cleansing Cream from Jade Spa is gently astringing and clarifying, with kaolin and bentonite clay to detoxify. Rinsing with a clean, wet, terry cloth face towel will help exfoliate without being too harsh. Remember to always be gentle with your skin! Choose a product that doesn’t leave your face feeling tight or raw, and moisturize after use.

  • If your skin is still looking dull or flakey, or you’d like to amp up your results, a weekly scrub can be transformative. Kitchen ingredients like chickpea flour (oily and normal skin) or oat flour (sensitive or itchy skin) can be blended with water to make an easy and natural scrub. Or try Jade & Ginseng Resurfacing Exfoliator from Jade Spa, which contains rosehips, pomegranate rind and kaolin clay for a non-abrasive renewal.

Refreshing and reviving your skin care seasonally can be a fun and nourishing way to spend quality time with yourself. Whether it’s five minutes or fifty, I hope your skin care routine offers you a welcome respite in your day.

Here’s to loving your spring skin,

Kirsten Cowan
Energy Matters Clinic Manager

Kirsten Cowan is our Energy Matters Clinic Manager and an acupuncturist and herbalist with specialized training in skin care and dermatology. She lovingly keeps our shelves well stocked with natural and effective skin and health care products.

Questions about skin and body care or looking for guidance on your skincare routine? Schedule a free, 15 minute consult online or email Kirsten at [email protected] to take advantage of her incredible wealth of skincare knowledge! Products in this email are all carried at Energy Matters and can be picked up in the clinic or ordered by replying to this email.

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