Summer Travel Tips, Part II

Jul 14, 2023
How to: Stay healthy while on vacation!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about what you can do before your vacation starts to maximize your enjoyment while on vacation.

Today, some tips for staying healthy on vacation!

Flying: Consider masking in the airport and the plane. Who wants to arrive at your vacation destination sick with a cold, the flu, or COVID?! At a minimum, mask in the airport, while boarding, and until at full cruising altitude, when the plane’s air filtration system is at its peak efficiency.

Jet Lag: Not being overly tired when you fly (see Travel Tips, Part 1), staying well hydrated, eating cleanly and lightly, and avoiding alcohol all help to minimize jet lag. Turning your face to the sun with eyes closed for 10+ minutes several times a day after arrival helps reset your pineal gland. Many of our clinic’s frequent travelers recommend the homeopathic remedy No Jet Lag.

Mosquitoes: Yes, it's true that mosquitoes are more attracted to some people than others, including folks with Type O blood. While you can’t do much about that, they are also attracted to the scent of sweat and alcohol, so take that into consideration when planning your outdoor workouts and drinking. They are also attracted to your out-breath, which contains CO2, so if you are exercising outdoors they are more likely to swarm you than if you are sitting quietly. And they are more attracted to dark colors and bright orange and red, so when in mosquito territory, wearing light-colored clothes can help. There are repellants made from essential oils, which are worth trying, but if you are sensitive to the bites or one of those people that mosquitoes can’t leave alone, then you might want a picaridin-based repellent, which is an effective and much safer alternative to DEET.

Indigestion: Eating foods different than your norm and overindulging can lead to upset stomach, indigestion, bloating, and more. Don’t leave home without Curing Pills!* This time tested Chinese Medicine formula is the go to for situational indigestion. If this is ever out of stock, an excellent substitute is Ease Digestion* from Golden Flower Herbs.

If you tend toward motion sickness, Ginger Chews, and sea sickness bands are great options.

Sunburn: Kirsten Cowan recently wrote an informative blog post about various ways to avoid sunburn. I will add that taking 3 Cataplex F* (not a vegetarian formula, FYI) and 1 Calcium Lactate* from Standard Process 30 minutes before sun exposure and repeating after four hours is hugely protective against sunburn when used in combination with SPF clothing and sunscreen as needed. I used this combo with great results during a recent sailing trip in the intense sun all day long. It works!

I hope your vacation is hazard free, but do pack the appropriate natural remedies just in case.

* Available from Energy Matters

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