The Power of Simplicity

Sep 26, 2020
Line drawing of a person with long hair in bed with their cat with the word SIMPLE in front

by Kirstin Lindquist

Wellness doesn't have to be complicated. Most people overthink and over-complicate this path. And I get it. If you spend any time with Dr Google, or looking at self-care books, health and wellness looks really complicated and confusing.

After 3+ decades of being immersed in the world of natural health care, I can definitely say that the path to good health is Simple. Not Easy, but it is Simple.

What do I mean by this? As with any sport, or art form, or really any skill set, you can always learn more, do more, to expand your talents. But if you don't continue to lean on the fundamentals, you will not get the kind of results that come from always circling back to and refining the basics.

In the realm of health, practices like focusing on your breath, moving enough and resting enough, eating well and staying hydrated, cultivating heart connections are your basics. And, yes, all of these can feel boring at times! Or like you are not “doing enough.”. They are not as compelling as the "shiny bright object" of the latest health fad or trend. And, when you are in pain, or suffering or struggling with your health, of course you want something that promises fast relief. I am not saying that new trends are not useful, or might in fact give you quick relief - but if your foundation of basics is not strong, anything you layer on will not be as effective.

The basics will never fail you. They may not provide you with all the answers during your various health challenges, but they will always support you and help you find more ease along the path.

Breathe. Move. Rest. Nourish. Connect.

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