What is Orthopedic Acupuncture?

Jan 17, 2023
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Did you know that there are a number of specializations that some acupuncturists choose to pursue above and beyond what they learned during the rigorous training process of becoming Licensed?

One such specialization is Orthopedic Acupuncture. This style of acupuncture is great for:

  • Sport Injuries
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Chronic Pain
  • Pre and Post Care for Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic Acupuncture Treatments typically include posture assessment, strength testing, dry needling, as well as traditional acupuncture points, and as appropriate: microcurrentcuppinggua sha, and myofascial techniques or hands-on modalities.

Orthopedic Specialist:


Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Pre and Post Operative Pain, Dry Needling

“I love orthopedics because I love puzzles. Chinese Medicine has always recognized that pain, especially chronic pain, is something far more complex than the pain or injury itself. When one is having no luck reducing back pain by treating the back, time to look for the source of the pain elsewhere in the body. Modern medicine is finally subscribing to this way of thinking and integrative medicine is the future of medicine: the wisdom of old medicine is meeting the power of today’s technology.

Change is necessary to transform pain and though change is inevitable, we are able to resist it. I do believe we must step away from our comfort zones to change. I will not rush you, I will tell you that it is okay to feel frustrated and when things "stink", I will commiserate that they do, in fact, "stink". But I have watched so many lives and pain patterns change, including my own, I do not lose hope and I do not quit.

You can feel better. “Better” is different for everyone. Better happens when you are ready. Take your time.

What patients are saying…

“I've been seeing Kari who is treating a chronic back issue. Her treatment is alleviating symptoms I've had for years. I had consulted with three different orthopedic surgeons - none of whom helped at all. Kari is supremely talented with addressing this issue.”


“I've been working with Kari Napoli for more than a year. She is an absolutely fabulous acupuncturist and has helped me immeasurably with ongoing tendinitis in my shoulder, as well as initially for carpal tunnel syndrome. I highly recommend Kari.”


“Kari is a miracle worker! Not only does she clearly have a mastery of acupuncture techniques and orthopedic bodywork, but she also has an unfailing intuition about what to tackle about my physical ailments, and how. Not to mention her sense of humor, which just adds to the overall experience! if you want to feel better right away and stay feeling better, I highly recommend her!”


“Kari not only treated my painful and malfunctioning body while I healed but also became my cheerleader and voice of reason. She assured me that a neck injury wasn't the end of the world -- I had to be proactive about my health and sensible in what I chose to do, but I'd be fine. She was right. It is a strong testimony to her awesomeness that, even though I dislike needles, I always look forward to my appointments with her.”


“I had a long-standing difficulty with plantar fasciitis that was beginning to impact my ability to participate in dance aerobics and walking. I saw Kari initially for 5 consecutive weeks. I felt immediate relief and continued moving toward pain-free activities. Her suggestions of stretching, soaking, and taping between treatments helped me continue to have less pain and monthly "tune-ups" keep chronic problem areas in check. Kari is efficient, clear in instructions and kind. All is appreciated. I have recommended her services to many others.”


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