Bell’s Palsy: Acupuncture Offers Relief and Support for Sudden Facial Paralysis

Apr 19, 2022

I have been going to Energy Matters for a number of years. Most recently I've been seeing Kari who is treating a chronic back issue. Her treatment is alleviating symptoms I've had for years. I had consulted with three different orthopedic surgeons - none of whom helped at all. Kari is supremely talented with addressing this issue.

Recently I was suddenly stricken with Bell's Palsy which was very scary. The ER prescribed antiviral meds + prednisone but that didn't alleviate symptoms much. Then Kari advised I see Prajna and her facial acupuncture did miracles. After the first session I had immediate improvement. After two more treatments, all my symptoms were gone. If you know of anyone diagnosed with Bell's Palsy - have them get to Energy Matters immediately & see Prajna! I love the Energy Matters practitioners - they are the very best!!
-From our Yelp page, February 2022

It was wonderful to get this feedback recently from a patient at our clinic that we helped with both long standing pain, and a sudden and frightening illness that has such a big impact on daily life.

Bell’s Palsy, which affects over 40,000 people in the United States each year, is facial paralysis, usually on one side only, caused by impingement of the seventh cranial nerve. It can be mild or severe, lasting weeks or months and make it difficult to speak and eat. Conventional medicine isn’t sure what causes Bell’s Palsy, but viral infections and immune system dysfunction are the main theories.

In the acupuncture clinic, we find the sooner treatment starts after the first symptoms, the better and faster the results will be. Although most cases of Bell’s Palsy will eventually go away on their own, it often takes up to six months or longer, and risks permanent complications both to the facial muscles and especially the eye if paralysis keeps it from being completely closed.

With little risk of side-effects, and compatible with conventional treatments such as steroids, acupuncture should be a first stop for everyone diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has treated Bell’s Palsy for hundreds of years. At Energy Matters, in addition to acupuncture we may use moxibustion, herbal medicine and food-based supplements to support the body and speed healing. We aim to resolve symptoms as quickly as possible and by taking a holistic approach, we can address underlying causes and help to prevent future attacks.

The patient who told their story on our Yelp page also benefited from something special about Energy Matters - our group practice model, where patients have access to care from our whole team of practitioners and their cumulative expertise and specialized training.

If you or someone you know is experiencing Bell’s Palsy, come and see us! We want to help you experience relief. Call 510-597-9923 ext. 101 for a free 15 minute consultation and to schedule a first appointment.

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