Pamper + Protect for Winter: Seasonal Skin Care Tips

Dec 06, 2022
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As we snuggle into the long nights and cool days of Winter, why not add some extra coziness and care into your skin care? Refreshing your routine every few months is a great idea for a few reasons. Our skin becomes habituated to the ingredients in products which makes them less effective, so mixing up what you’re using on a regular basis will help you get the most from your skin care routine. And as the weather around us changes, your skin’s needs will change too. Here are a few of my favorite products and ingredients to consider adding to your face and body care for Winter in the Bay Area.

Treat your face with a stone roller

Put your phone on do-not-disturb and give your face a treatment! Stone rollers are a traditional Chinese beauty tool made of semi-precious stones. Massaging your face with a roller increases circulation and increases the absorption of skin care products. They’re great for reducing puffiness and improving skin tone. 

Before a night out, apply a plumping and lifting serum and then gently roll over your face with the large side of a stone roller. The roller will enhance the effect of whatever product you use. Try Yina’s REGENERATE Botanical Serum, with ingredients like reishi mushrooms, pomegranate seed oil and gotu kola, or Jade & Ginseng Firming & Lifting Lotion from Jade Spa, with goji berries, hyaluronic acid and green tea extract, or go simple with pure jojoba oil. (Always test a new product on your skin before using to be sure it works for you.)

Is it the morning after and your face wants a little TLC? Put your stone roller in the fridge and use the small side cold on your eye area to dramatically and instantly reduce puffiness. Then apply a face mask, like By Nieves Face Fix, a combination of organic herbs including bladderwrack, horsetail and rosehips, or Jade Spa’s Jade & Ginseng Rejuvenating Mask with pomegranate rind, ginseng and kaolin clay. You can also blend up a nourishing DIY mask in your kitchen with ingredients like avocado, oats and egg white. Check out Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbs for Natural Beauty for ideas (affiliate link). Finish up with your regular moisturizer or pure jojoba oil, especially great for sensitive skin.

Let your skin rest

Winter is the season of rest - the earth is quiet, and growing things are waiting for the Spring to bloom. It’s a good time to let your skin rest too! Do less - if you have a lengthy skin care routine, consider simplifying to just cleansing as needed and moisturizing and see how your skin responds. Take it easy on exfoliation and other activating treatments. And don’t forget skin care from the inside out – ‘beauty sleep’ is even more important at this time of year, and giving your body more rest will show on your face. Seasonal foods that especially support skin include bone broth (natural collagen!), winter squashes and dark leafy greens. May your beautiful face enjoy smiles and laughter with loved ones and a peaceful Winter,

Kirsten is the Clinic Manager at Energy Matters, an acupuncturist and herbalist with specialized training in skin care and dermatology, and keeps our shelves stocked with natural and effective skin and health care products.

Questions about skin and body care or looking for guidance on your skincare routine and the products we carry at Energy Matters? Ask your Energy Matters practitioner or sign up for a free 15 min consult with Kirsten directly with questions.

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