Happy Lunar New Year!

Jan 22, 2023

Today is first day of the Lunar New Year - welcome to the Year of the Water Rabbit!

As with the solar calendar new year, the Lunar New Year is a time of possibilities, renewal and regeneration. A good moment to take stock of what has been, and to get clarity on what you intend to create in the coming year. 

The upcoming year is a graceful, gentle, follow-up to the more hefty Tiger year energy. Water Rabbit strengths that will be available are: good luck, wealth & prosperity, fertility, and harmonious relationships. It is also a good time to express your creativity and artistic skills. And even though it’s always a good thing to take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, it can be particularly easy (and auspicious) this year. 

How will you amply this energy in your life?

If you are interested in learning more about Chinese Astrology, and what the Water Rabbit will bring, we recommend Scott (Seanàn) Zook.

For info about Bay Area celebrations:


From all of us at Energy Matters, we wish you much happiness, good health and peace. 

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