Yes, you can eat carrot tops

Jan 26, 2024
21 Days, Everyday Blog

Recipe of the week: Carrot top tea

I grew up in the era of “carrot tops are toxic.” I have no idea how this idea came into being, but I definitely got that message.

I was confused when few years ago I started seeing recipes for Carrot Top Pesto and such. I read that the toxic thing was a myth, but habits are habits, so I never tried any of those recipes. I did start giving the tops to my chickens rather than composting them, which seemed a positive change.

Recently a 21 Day Participant mentioned that their partner was making carrot top tea and using that as a base for their shakes, both during and off the cleanse.

This got my attention. Time to get over my resistance to carrot tops!

I tried Carrot Top Tea and found it to be delicious. It makes a delightful tea to drink warm or cool, and a great nutrient rich base for shakes.

We are deep in carrot season with my CSA box. Every Thursday evening after picking up my weekly supply of farm fresh veggies if carrots are included I pull those tops off and make the tea while I am putting the rest of the veggies away. And the chickens still get the tops after they are cooked.

My next carrot top adventure will be pesto – do you have a carrot top pesto recipe that you love? If so, please share!

Waste not - have a delicious tea instead,

Kirstin Lindquist

Put your carrot tops (rinse first if needed) in a pot. Optional: add some lemon zest. Pour several cups of boiling water over the tops and steep for 10 minutes or so. Strain. Drink as tea, hot or cold, or use in your shake. 

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