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Jul 01, 2023
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Recipe of the week: Coconut Whipped Cream

If you’ve read our most recent 1 Minute to Better Health post on EWG’s The Dirty Dozen & the Clean Fifteen™, then you’ve seen the most updated list of fruits and vegetables that are better eaten organic or ok to be conventionally grown. If not, download the wallet sized list here.

Paying attention to this list is especially important if you are in the midst of doing the 21 Day Program. We are, after all, attempting to give our digestive system a break and limiting the number of toxins needing to be flushed so following the list can only be a win.

On a more fun note, remember when we added delicious coconut milk to the 21 Day list of “approved foods?” Well we found a nice way to spiff up those organic berries, peaches, and other fruits from the Dirty Dozen™ list. Whipped coconut cream anyone? It’s a great addition to the dessert table at your next summer bbq.

Adapted from The Nutty Kitchen



  1. Leave coconut milk in the refrigerator a minimum of 2 hours but best overnight

  2. Do not shake the can before opening. Scoop out the full fat “cream” from the top. Reserve the coconut “water” for use in your next 21 Day shake.

  3. Add cinnamon and vanilla.

  4. Mix in a bowl until it thickens.

  5. Serve with fresh fruit and enjoy!

Eat delicious!
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